World Map

my latest mpcnc creation… This is a giant 8’ x 4’ world map I was commissioned to do for a local church. the backboard is a full sheet of 1/2" plywood, I set up a straightedge and hand cut the lines with a .25" vbit with a router and then stained them different colors to give the illusion of separate boards. the front pieces were cut from 1/2" ply in 4 different sheets (my machine can cut 2’x4’ (quarter sheet of plywood). then i stained, glued, and pin nailed the countries on. It was a pain to get everything exactly where it had to be, but I printed a grid that made it much easier.

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Beautiful work!

But, which country did you put the South China Sea into? haha!

Looks amazing. This just raised the bar.

Dude, that’s nice!

Looks great! Do you have the dxf file to share?

should have made Australia from Gum Tree’s.

thank you! I don’t have a DXF, I found a vector map, so i edited it in illustrator (broke it into 4 pieces and cleaned it up) and then brought those vector files into aspire to create the gcode.

another cool thing i forgot to mention is that due to the size of europe/asia… i had to cut it in 2 pieces. It’s really cool how accurately the borders jigsaw puzzled together to form the full landmass with very little sanding and filing to fit.

Can you share the Ilustrator files?

Very Nice!!!

Hi, it looks very nice. Please, can you send me the vector files? Thanks!

Sorry, I never got around to posting the vector files, here are the ones i used. The full map plus the files i broke down for my machine (48"w x 32"t). The vcarve and the endmill paths are on different layers.