World Maker Faire 2015 NYC

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I Just spent the day at World Maker Faire New York 2015. Fun day. I ran into a few folks who had friends in there maker spaces that are working on a MPCNC. also ran into an interesting kickstarter for something called maker pipe, which basicly, at its core, is connectors for EMT Conduit… and could be an interesting alternative to the printed corner blocks. ran into a some people there who were very interested in the MPCNC and of course I passed along the info. I didn’t see a MPCNC there, I think it would have been a good venue to have had a demo of the MPCNC going. unfortunately mine isn’t quite ready for public viewing or id have been happy to have demoed mine. there were plenty of cnc’s there and a couple of multi tool devices there. shopbot and creation station where there with their cnc solutions. MPCNC would have been a good contrast and very fitting at maker faire. creation station was new to me and is basically a malemane (think ikea type assembly) framed 24"x24" cnc kit going for 1200 without router and weighing 120 lbs. there were plenty of other cnc / 3d printer / laser engraving / cutting solutions. but frankly I think if MPCNC was there it would have turned some heads.

That is good to hear. The other machines are very nice and I’m sure they work well, but those prices! I have to deal with those issues though. If I need more space than a garage or need to hire help either volume needs to go up or the price. I would wait for volume.

I think most of those guys try to jump right into a full business, getting shop space and employees or something along those lines.

I am developing slowly, I am now dedicating more time to this to try and speed things up a bit. I want to work on better documentation, easier wiring first. I hope to catch a few maker faire’s, not sure If I would get a booth yet.

Matt, if i had ONE suggestion for you it would be VIDEO TUTORIALS :). The build is not hard but there are some confusing parts, and some things taken for granted. A good set of videos in place of written directions I think would be fantastic. Of course im done now, but it would help others.