Workshop tour by Jeffeb3

Alright, let me set the bar low here with my workshop tour. I didn’t do any cleanup, and since I don’t have anyone else working, of course, it’s a mess.

Basically, the theme of my shop is that I have a lot of room, but it’s split into three areas. I have the outside shed, which is for big woodworking and joinery. I have the garage, which is the CNC, house, car, and bike tools, and I have the basement, which is electronics, RC, and finishing areas.

Complete album:

I’m home with my son today, so he’s helping me with the tour. Everything is a mess, but I think you can see everything. Let me know if there’s something you want a link for, or more detail for. I can’t wait to see what others have, and I also hope this ends up as a decent time capsule for my shop in 2017.

First video (wood shed):

Second video (garage and basement):

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[attachment file=35229]

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I just realized I missed my desk. I’ll add that next time.

Nice, I’ll have to do my garage/shop.

I just finished the king size bedframe. I could never do a test assembly it too small in the shop. I used the drill press, chop saw, table saw, and band saw on the floor under the lowrider. I think I can set the bar even lower!

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Wow. You have a basement and a backyard shop!

I feel weird complaining about it, but I think full use of the garage would be better. I end up with a bunch of duplicate tools, and I often use the wrong tool because the right one is 60 paces away.

The other oddity is the weather. My tools tend to migrate to the shed in the summer and to the garage in the winter. It’s pretty annoying when I am working in the garage, and I just need one chisel for something.

I do like my spaces though. I definitely get good use out of them. I shouldn’t really cool.plain, I have an abundance of hobbies and hobby time, really. I just get it 0.5hrs at a time, and I get space the same way.

These images are super messy. I hope this ends up being the “before” snapshot, with and “after” sometime near the end of the summer or early next year. I started reading some books on getting organized. I hope something drains into my brain.

Digging the table saw fence!

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Yowser! I sure wish I had that kind of room. :wink:

I have the 3D printer and computer stuff living in the house, I have to take the spool off the top of the printer if I want to watch TV since the printer is sitting on the coffee table between the couch and TV. I hope to move it into the breakfast bar in the kitchen once I get around to wiring power outlets in. The ‘shop’ is a one car garage converted from a carport (when I bought the place the carport had a garage door with electric opener and two open sides). It’s got the MPCNC, a chop saw, table saw, engine lift and a workbench with the vise, bench grinder, drill press and mini-lathe. I’ve got a disk/belt sander that lives in permanent temporary quarters under the bench since there’s no more flat space to place it.

One complete shop is much easier. I hate going back and forth for tools, My garage is 2 floors below me. If a tool isn’t on the same floor, no way will I go get it.

Nice works space. I wish I Had what you do. Current, I have a full garage and an office, Neither one is ready to be worked in. Should I just post photos of my messy desk?

Pics, or it didn’t happen. :slight_smile:

Me too! It really works great. I think you’ve seen that I carved the top. I also cut the cam with the CNC. Did I share that somewhere? I can’t remember. I need to cut the right side again because I accidentally cut the cam out of that. Twice… Then I need to add some finish to it. But it really works great. IIRC, the plans were $10 from (which seems steep for just plans), but really, I was willing to give him $10 for his entertaining videos.

Get your own thread! CL will fill that garage in no time.

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Nice workspaces!

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