Workbench Sign

I found this quote somewhere:

“Productivity is nothing without Craftsmanship,
Crafstmanship is nothing without Productivity”

I think I want a constant reminder of that on my workbench. I can just carve a sign, which I might do, but I was thinking it would be cooler if the words Productivity and Crafstmanship were on some kind of spinning bar, with the words “is nothing without” stationary in the middle. How would you do it? I’m hoping it doesn’t end up being as much work as building a clock.

It seems like you could do this with two rotating bars, one on the front of the word and one on the back of the word, but they would have to have different centers of rotation, and they couldn’t spin 360… There must be something with a chain and sprocket… I could just have one rotating bar, and have each work rotate on the end of the bar, then it would be up to the user to flip them back around.

Maybe it would just be more ironic to make them on one spinning bar, and when you reversed them, they would be upside down. :slight_smile:

I like the speeling of “Crafstmanship”, kind of a “thimk” moment there…

I don’t see why you can’t rotate the start and end while holding the center stationary. Just a rod through with bearings. Fix the ends to the rod and make two plaques with the word Productivity on one side and Craftsmanship on the other, then mount the plaques to the rod appropriately. Put a stepper at one end and have it rotate 180° every 30 seconds or so.

Does EstlCAM have a spell check? I’ll make sure not to edit that post.

I read that about 6 times before I understood what you mean. You’re saying have the words on the front/back of a plate, and rotate them about the axis of the rod. So if the words were 3" high, they would be <1.5" away from the board, and the words would roll forward to switch words. That’s a good idea. I like that it won’t take up a gigantic area on my wall. I could even make the whole plaque rotate on that rod. That would be a lot easier.

While I was reading it, I thought of another way, which is to let each word rotate freely on its end, and let the whole thing rotate freely, like a clock, but put a weight on the bottom of the words to keep them upright. I keep imagining it more like this:

Also, I feel bad making a stepper motors life part of this sign. I’m at my workbench for a few hours a week, so I would wake up in the middle of the night and feel sad for that little motor working hard, with no one watching it. Plus, it will probably start a fire.

I was going to complain about the use of a bearing, but I think I’d rather own it. I could use a bearing, and 3D print a mount and use a 5/16" bolt (I have a few). Sort of a reminder of the monster machines inside the house. I like it.

That ride kinda makes you wonder. What are they using for the counterweight? Figure the average 10 Americans is going to weigh a ton, ton and a half. Plus the ride platform. That’s a lot of steel behind that guitar head.

Your picture is how I was envisioning it.

Put the two words on the same bar. Use bearings for the words and weight the bottom of the word so they stay horizontal.

You can use a little geared DC motor to rotate the bar around the center.

Alternatively, you could use one of those LED fan type devices. Use an arduino to control the timing of the LEDs and have the LEDs light up the correct words on each side of the center text. Then you could even have the words do random flips and stuff as they go from one side to the other.

What the ride made me wonder about is the guitar with only five strings. Kind of half way between tenor and normal… I don’t think I’ve seen one before. Now a banjo, or a charango with half the strings missing… :slight_smile: