Wooden Go kart

Plyfly Go Kart replica- took me a year to get to this point, which of cause includes building my lowrider cnc machine. At least this is almost off my backlist . It was a very challenging journey but I am 90% done - it was so so so much fun with my kids every stage of the process.
Thanks to all the guys on this platform to let us have the opportunity to every take on projects like this.


That sounds awesome. Do you have any pictures or videos to share?

working on it

Well, that was weird! I was looking at pix of a wooden Go-Kart and POOF!, they were gone. ???

Magic . I was trying to edit it .

you should me able to view it on my original post now .Thanks enjoy

They’re baaaaaaaaaack! :crazy_face:

I just never had that happen before, it was literally like POOF!, all gone.

And there’s been nothing stronger than coffee in my cup all day.

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Oh wow. That’s really fun. Thank you for sharing.

That’s rad. I modified a kids Razer brand drift kart with a single 48v motor similar to the ones in your photos and 18ah batteries awhile back. Little thing goes 20mph with 6 inch wheels with an adult on it and slides around like crazy.

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My goal is for people to be cut the go kart out of one 3/4 (4x8) sheet plywood . The rest of the hardware can be easily source from local a store like harbor freight for USA and princess auto for Canadians .


Props for open-sourcing it!


Oh yes -I have to give back with the same mindset of this platform, open-sourcing their CNC stuff to give me the opportunity to make this replica . Very awesome team - Once I finish working on some fewer bugs it should be out asap . One again thanks to the great team members one this platform .


New favorite!!!

The steering gears look particularly cool!

That’s awesome! I wanted to build a go-kart for my son a few Christmases ago and I stumbled onto the PlyFly. I emailed them to see if they’d sell me the DXF files to cut myself, but I never got a response. I didn’t want a gas-powered kart for my then 3 year old, so I referenced their design for parts, but basically ended up designing my own to run off a drill. It worked, but my poorly thought out drive train (drill with wooden gear chucked sitting right on another wooden gear on the back wheel) failed almost instantly. I was able to get it working and the boy enjoyed for about a month, but the wooden gears constantly needed to be replaced and I got tired of fixing it.

I’d love to take another stab at it once your plans are done.


Finalizing drawing now but took it out for a spin today and boy it was fun !!!


Very cool. I’ve looked at doing something like this and fumble on the whats actually needed for motors and electronics. What’s enough power? For a kid? For a bigger kid? Would love to hear more about this.

It’s the best time for all this stuff with what’s out there these days for e-powered things.

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I only have a non-serious answer. You’re supposed to make it as powerful as possible and then govern it down for the kiddos. Or make it remote control and let the kids think they are driving.


This is awesome! How hard would it be to have those drive motors be independently controlled? I am imagining a design without a steering wheel. Instead something like a zero point lawn mower. A leaver on each side that controls the drive wheel on that side. Then the front tires just become free to move like casters.

Would it be worth it? It would move differently. It wouldn’t let the rear tires skid in the corners but this isn’t a race cart is it?

I am currently testing this with 2 (250 MY1016 watt motors with (9 or 10 teeth motor ) and 55 teeth on the sprocket and it’s moderately fast for me and I weigh about 200 pounds . I will not 100% trust that with any kid under 12 years old but you can put a governor to limit it from going full throttle.

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