Wood Burning kit at Sam's Club

I found this Woodburning kit at Sam’s club today for $15 & remembered this thread on using wood burners on the MPCNC. https://www.v1engineering.com/forum/topic/garden-plant-markers/

I will start with Al Quentin’s mount he included in Matt’s thread did 1st to see if that works for me, but I might use the use the spring loaded tangential Knife mount without the motor. The spring would help keep it on the surface of the wood in case the wood is not quite even. There is only one spring on the knife mount, but since there is a bit of height to this wood burning iron think I would have to put 2 springs on the M8 rods. Here is the link to that Knife mount on thingiverse.


I would start with my remix of this where the M8 rods are on each side of the blade.

I really like that application and talk about it a lot. I would get it going and with the proper tip you can get the color of laser etching and the depth of carving can’t wait to see what you make! Tangential would be good but I am not sure it would be needed, Using Carve in estlcam and a vbit shape tip you could probably make really cool stuff easily.

I am probably overthinking the tangential cutter & will just start simple to begin with as Matt seems to have quite good results. I am waiting on your middle section design changes before I decide to drill my 80 holes in my wasteboard using the idea in this youtube video. I think the 1st project I will do will be to burn 1" grid lines in my wasteboard when it is in place after testing on some scrap wood of course.