Woo-hoo I built a CNC machine

I officially decided to build this back in Jan, but had a set back with some minor printer surgery. However, fast forward to today I got this working. This is the most advanced thing I’ve built to date. I had a sense I could do it (or wouldn’t have started) but wasn’t sure I’d actually get all the way through the build with a fully functional CNC machine.

I still need to calibrate my endstops, do some actual cutting, wire management todo, figure out a work holding system, but wanted to share my excitement of having it officially up and running.

The forum’s been a huge help. Thanks to everyone who contributed to this wealth of knowledge.


You made a crown you are officially part of the crew now! Build looks super clean from that angle!


Very exciting day. My “crown” is still on my work bench and I can’t throw it away. I wanted to hang it on the refrigerator but felt at 66 maybe reserve the fridge for pictures of the grandkids :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


FWIW, crowns on the fridge is officially required. If anyone objects, they can PM me.

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:+1: What was a nice touch was my 35 year old son happened stopped by in the area and came downstairs to see me right before I hit start. So kind of nice got to share the excitement.



Nice job! I have all three of my crown drawings posted on the garage wall. (the closest I have to a fridge door).



Great idea about saving the crown! I’ll stick it up in my garage too.

My 13yo is kinda, sorta, a tiny bit showing interest in digital fabrication. The MPCNC has captured his attention way more than my 3D printer. He helped me setup for the crown test print and is asking if he can pick what we draw next.