Wiring - Y cable harnesses?

Almost there… the low rider instructions seem to skip over the wiring step.

I’m confused by the Y cable harnesses included ( Y as in 3 ended). I know they must be for the dual X and Z motors (or is it Y and Z? not sure which one is X). One side of the Y cable the wiring colors match the motor, the other side doesn’t correspond at all and the connector is reversible. Which way around does it go? (Pic attached)




Best to test it with no belts on. If one is the wrong way, power down, then turn one plug over and try again.

I already hooked the belt up… I’ll try checking the cable with my meter. Just need to remember they need to go opposite directions :slight_smile:


Or, just do what I do, and tell it to only move a few mm. Generally Y is the dual motors, X is the single one on the router carriage.