Wiring SKR pro 1.2

does anyone have a detailed diagram of how to wire the SKR lowrider 3 this is the first board i have done and i need some help with where each motor plugs into

You will find a table mapping each motor to the driver on this page. Additional wiring information including pictures can be found on this page. Be sure to read the section on disabling sensorless homing. You should not needed it, but the pinout diagram can be found here.

i saw those im just not understanding them could you possibly tell me what goes where i really dont want to mess anything up

I’m headed out of town without a computer, so my ability to help is limited right now. If you can express specific questions, I’m sure others on this forum can help. Here is a quick image:

The black letting is the stepper, and the diagram shows where each of the stepper motors plug into the control board.

Edit: FYI, you cannot damage the steppers if you plug them in to the wrong stepper driver. The worst things is that when you try to move it, the wrong stepper will move, and you will need to swap your cables. In addition, if any one of your steppers moves in the wrong direction, you can reverse it by flipping any one connection between the stepper and the control board. Things are pretty forgiving.

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thank you

do you happen to have the full pic of this?

Search for “SKR Pro wiring” to find other wiring diagrams. I added the black labels.

this is exactly what i needed thank you

I appreciate you sharing this valuable information. Me too helpful. Exactly what I needed; Here it is.

Just for reference, you can damage the drivers if you plug or unplug the steppers while the board is powered. But having the motor connected to the wrong driver won’t hurt the electronics (though there are other sets pins where it could hurt the board, e.g. shorting 5V to ground, but the motor pins won’t).

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