Wiring requirements for laser

Hey all

Started wiring up my CNC. Spent quite literally all afternoon doing a lovely tidy install in the drag chains, and totally didn’t use screened cable for the steppers.

Probably will be fine, but knowing me I will rip it all out tomorrow and do it again.


My question is regarding a laser. I plan at a much later date, to add a J Tech 2.8w (or similar) laser to the system, so it makes sense to run the cables now.

What does it need? Been Googling for ages with no luck.

What load do these things pull? They seem to have pretty small cables feeding these lasers, but with a cable run of probably 3m to the power supply… ??

I assume that is all they need at the Z mount… + &- for the laser.



As far as I know the lasers need 2 wires for the power (12V, 250mA) and 2 wires for the TTL signal (5V, probably less than 10mA). So you can use a very small wire diameter, if you use a 4 wire cable for the stepper motors you can use the same for the laser.

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