Wiring plugs

Hi all!

What are the plugs that connect the stepper motors to the boards called? What tools would I need to crimp them?

Dupont connectors. (For RAMPS board, I think the RAMBO uses something different.)

These are the crimpers I bought, and this is the connector kit.

Per a conversation in a different thread regarding miniRAMBO endstop pins:

TedG "One additional question. What plug do I need to purchase to fit the endstop plugs on the mini rambo board? (I tried searching 3 pin Molex on amazon and it’s really hard to tell from the pictures)

Ryan β€œ2.54 pitch locking or non locking should work.”

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I bought this little beauty and love it!


tad more expensive but I felt worth it. I have made a ton of gender bender cables for work with it outside of my hobby use at home and it has held up very well for 2+ years of use.