Wireless controller with skr pro

Not sure if this has been mentioned. I know joystick has.
But I was wondering if anyone managed to use a wireless Xbox/playstation controller with the skr pro.
Would be pretty hand have a remote wireless pendant as such.
Obviously won’t be as useful as a full pendant, but makes it easier if you just want to move router to a location to zero especially on long/wide beds

I think it does not work. It does work with Eslcam as a controller though. :stuck_out_tongue:

An easy approach could be to add a microcontroller which converts the input from the wireless controller to G-Code commands and sends it to the board via serial.
Maybe I’m wrong but I think the BTT TFT35 does the exact same thing.

I am looking at a similar idea but have come across road blocks. Currently I have an SKR Pro V1.2 with the TFT35 and will be running Marlin but from what I can make out there are no spare serial ports available because they are already used for the TFT35 and the USB.

The other option I looked at was to add an ESP8266 board as a WiFi but the instructions for that just seemed to be too complicated for my personal ability, although obviously doable and that process is documented. I also considered using UGS (universal G-Code sender) but this also seems to be problematic with the SKR Pro and Marlin.

My current thinking is move to a Jackpot control board with FluidNC as the firmware. The advantages to me seem to be two fold. Firstly FuidNC is based on GRBL so works with UGS so that is a good start. Secondly I have a body of existing CNC control tech that I have developed over the last few years that uses multiple ESP32 boards and takes its base input control from a wireless PS4 controller so that is also a good start.

How to get wireless gamepad control over an LR3 that has an SKR Pro and Marlin seems to be a lemon too sour to suck.

btw: my rig also doubles as a camera mount hence the need for gamepad control and is essential for me, not just a ‘nice to have’ option.

from what I can make out there are no spare serial ports available because they are already used for the TFT35 and the USB.

According to this post, Dan (@SupraGuy ) indicates there is also a serial port associated with the pins for the ESP01S wireless module.

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Turns out that the SKR Pro has several serial ports.

One on the USB interface, of course. V1 firmware enables this and sets itnto 250000 baud.

One on the ESP01S port right behind the USB A port.

One more (labelled “UART”) near the reset button.

And the one used for the TFT35, further up, enabled in the V1 firmware at 250000 baud.

The number of enabled serial ports used to be limited to two on older versions of Marlin, but the most recent V1 maintained versions will certainly allow another one, because the ESP01S module can be enabled on-board. (I added one to the TFT instead.)