[WIP] Floating shelves with fancy joinery

My wife comissioned some shelves for the new office to display some pottery

After a bit of searching and inspiration, I settled on this design

These will be cut out of oak flooring I have laying around

First, I cut an mft-style fixture plate to ensure the stock is aligned with the machine

Then after some refining to fit two pieces in the width of a plank, and burning the router, I cut the contours 18-19mm deep

The flooring is 23mm thick and has 5mm deep grooves on the underside for glue

I need to purge these grooves and release the parts, so into the planner it goes…

The LR3 had a hard time cutting the back pieces, so the parts don’t really fit :confused:

I 3d printed a router template and gave every slot a quick cleanup with a copying bit

The fit was not perfect but much better after this…

Sanded everything, tainted the back pieces dark and gave everything a quick coat of varnish

Now I need to make the shelves themselves and attach the back struts to the wall, but it will have to wait a couple weeks :slight_smile:


Dude, this is so much smarter than what I did (Wooden shelves)…

I wanted them to hold some weight so I went for the classic form. But really, I’ve got a CNC. I could have made some like you that hold the weight without the need of doing holes on the boards. Great idea!


Didn’t see this one! I love the CNC joinery mixed with traditional woodworking


They look fantastic - I’m glad to see I’m not the only one 3d printing router templates! I think if the printer couldn’t do anything else it would be worth having just for that.


Btw, quick tip on these templates : zero top/bottom thickness
This drasticaly cuts down on print time and makes no difference in usage


Those are gorgeous!


Cool! I was about to ask you how you did that. Really nice work!

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