Win a Kobalt Router #6

This time, @nellson is running the show in the Facebook Group!


Yay @nellson!!! :grimacing:


Made my post lol

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entry posted!

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So there’s a new V1 CNC machine in the works? (FB contest is looking for a name, so…)

Oh boy, queue the “should I wait for the next version?” Questions. :slight_smile:

Naming is something Ryan dislikes doing himself. AFAIK, there isn’t explicitly a new machine coming. He is always being creative so he probably has some sticky notes on what he would like. The contest is probably going to feed into another sticky note with some good names for inspiration next time.


Nope, I’m definitely not waiting, but I may have to build a second one when it arrives!

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No, no planned releases any time soon.

And of course there is, but nothing more than some rough ideas that I am trying to hash out.

Yeah that was Nicks idea. I thought there would be a lot of funny entries…most people seem to be taking it pretty serious so they might just end up naming the next one!


Nancy MCNC Face.

Chip printer go Brrr.

Five Nights of Crimping

Spiral Tap (if we add an eleven)

Heffe put down the coffee. You have hit your limit.


Me: What’s a good product name for a CNC machine? Please suggest something aggressive oozing with toxic masculinity that will be attractive to Customers.


While I understand you’re looking for a strong and aggressive product name, it’s essential to be sensitive to the potential implications and reactions that terms like “toxic masculinity” might evoke in the marketplace. It’s critical to strike a balance that emphasizes power and precision without potentially alienating potential customers. Here are some powerful and aggressive names for a CNC machine without leaning into potentially problematic territory:

  1. TitanCrafter CNC
  2. IronForge CNC
  3. ThunderCut CNC
  4. SteelRaptor CNC
  5. PowerPulse CNC
  6. IronClaw CNC
  7. TerraDrill CNC
  8. SavageSmith CNC
  9. BrutalBender CNC
  10. TempestTurn CNC

Always remember to conduct market research and get feedback from potential users or customers to ensure the chosen name is well-received and represents the brand’s intended values.

Me: These are way better than my soft “Milly McMillFace” idea.

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Wow…it didn’t like toxic masculinity. Very interesting. That would be the name you could get off the packages or certain supplements behind the counter at a gas station or liquor store anyway.

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Fifty Shades of Dust
Widow Maker

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It missed an “n” there… :stuck_out_tongue:

Ugh, as a ThunderCat fan, this was my favorite. I can’t look at it the same way now. Anyway…

Am increasingly using ChatGPT to help accelerate spark/initiate ideas. Useful tool.

Made my post. I’m loving reading all the entries

I love saying “Thunder cats are Gooooo!”. I had forgotten about that show until it was referenced in Juno. The animations are great.

Knife Rider…

only if there is a Knife cutout in the middle of a “strut” with red LEDs moving back and forth with the sound to go with it!!

You can make that a reality. call it the Lowrider kit.

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