WIFI communication at CNC/GRBL

Hi everyone, could anyone tell me if the CNC Shield V3 board is compatible with the Arduino Uno wifi board? I wanted to control my CNC via computer or smartphone via wifi, send gcodes, etc.

I tried to use the HC05 module but the buffer doesn’t support it and ends up cutting communication. So the best thing would be to try using an Arduino with built-in wifi.

It is not a WEMOS D1 R32, so I believe it is compatible, but I have never seen anyone using it in projects with CNC Shield V3 board.

At first I thought about using the ESP32 (30/38pins), but I already had an Arduino UNO and the V3 and it wasn’t worth changing the structure of machine.


I don’t think very many folks are using a CNC shield board at this point, it’s pretty much obsolete and there are much better controllers available at relatively low cost at this point.

There are a couple of things you mention.

Sending gcode over WiFi is a bad idea. WiFi is inherently unreliable and this can have bad impacts on your jobs. Depending on which sender and CNC firmware you chose, you can enable handshaking that might make this better- but still a bad idea, in my opition.

You posted this in the LowRider CNC portion of the forum, so I’m going to assume you’re building / using a LowRider. The CNC shield doesn’t have enough stepper drivers to support an LR3 properly.

Controlling the CNC over WiFI is really straightforward with a system that runs FluidNC (Like the V1 Jackpot board).

This lets you use a web browser to control operation of the CNC. (g code is stored locally in an SD card, but you control the operation via the browser)

You can also use ESP-01s with some firmware / controllers (E.g. Marlin on SKR.)
For this scenario, you again use a browser to control the CNC.

No, really the best thing to do would be to use a modern controller and firmware.

This means you have something else- so the LR3 section of the forum isn’t really the right place for your question.

That said, if you give good details about which machine you actually have, I’m sure the forum can help you further.


Ignore what I wrote below. From the grbl wiki:
Attention: This project is discontinued and has not recceived new commits or accepted pull requests since Aug 30, 2019. For alternatives see µCNC, grblHAL, FluidNC or Rabbit GRBL

I haven’t tried any of these myself, as I haven’t seen the need to upgrade the firmware on my controller in quite a while. Might be time for me to take a new look.

++++++ ignore everything below this line +++++++++++++++++
According to the GRBL/GNEA github page, they’re not accepting feature requests for the Arduino Uno because the current grbl code uses all available memory on the board. Unless the wifi board has additional memory dedicated to running the wifi features, I doubt you’d have much luck getting it to work, but I haven’t tried it myself.

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