Why would anyone build a Primo if there is the LR3?

Like, real question. I build the Primo with 75x55cm workspace and I am always cursing those missing 5cm. I also would not mind to be able to just slide 120x60cm boards right under it without hassle.
The LR3 also does not have belts and rails blocking the working area if you are standing at X. Is there any downside to the LR3? It can’t got higher than the standard (or not by much) whereas the MPCNC could have longer legs (and losing stability).
I thought about accuracy, but seeing @Neilp 's little bee that can’t be it either. Does the LR take more space in smaller builds? Might that be it? Is it easier to get started?
I did not build the LR yet, but I somehow feel it would be an upgrade in every way.

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Be careful with this line of thinking. You will end up with a 15’x 10’ table. Will 5cm make a break a build, absolutely not. If you plan on doing mostly 5"x5" parts you will hate yourself for everything taking 3x as long as it should just in case you make something big one day.

I think if you did a search through the forums, I think a vast majority, 90+%, most people have downsized vs increasing the size.


Regarding the bee

The one I showed here was done with a 0.5mm ball nose, AFAIK.

I resized the svg, and ran a toolpath suitable for a 0.1 tapered ballnose- and it carved just as cleanly.

Literally small enough you had to use zoom on the camera to see some of the details

Also small enough that when I dropped it- i lost it. I think I trimmed it down to a 7mm square. It might be under my table saw,

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If I think about it, you are right. I didn’t intend to discredit the Primo, I love it to bits (you should ask my kids what I am rather going to save when the house burns down, my wife or my Primo… :D). Maybe it’s the “I need something new” in me. I get bored pretty easily and have only stuck to three hobbies in my life: Playing the drums, playing computer games and woodworking, mostly fueled by the Primo.

With the vacuum table I now also changed my spoilboard and it is raised so the stock can stand over. Before it was deeper than the table because of planing it. Maybe that is enough (though I already told the in-laws that filament would be an appropriate gift for Christmas and my birthday… :D).

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I didn’t take it that way at all.

This just used to be a very common scenario. I have always recommended smaller. Nothing stopping you from building two. :zipper_mouth_face: At least I’m not.