Why is my XZ plate doing this only on this side?

Plate moving not allowing X axis to be perpendicular.

You are only lifting one side. When they both go up in sync, they will stay perpendicular.

It does the same thing when they are lifted by the Z motors at the same time I was just exaggerating what was happening manually

From the video. Everything looks normal. That is just the geometry of a triangle. If both sides are rising the same amount, then it will make a rectangle instead of a triangle. The linear blocks look like they are holding everything at a firm right angle.

The Z endstops are going to make that axis square. The motors moving in lockstep are going to keep it that way.

Can you make a video or a measurement that shows it is out of square after homing and moving under power?

I will it will be later today when my new rod coupler comes in…one of the reasons I’m concerned is that the lead screws don’t have the same thread count when Z is honed and when I lower Z to it’s max one side goes lower than the other and the coupler moves up with the lead screw then gets kicked down after it’s maxed out.

They have different pitch or a different length? Different length is ok (you can just only use the smaller distance). Different pitch would not work and one or both need to be replaced.

Definitely what Jeff said… if your screws aren’t the same it will of course not work as expected. If not…

When you move it, are there any ticking or bumping noises?

My guess is either steps/mm is non-symmetrical in you firmware (doubtful), current is too low for z (also doubtful), or something mechanical is off (most likely). I’d start look at the setscrews on the spring adapter to make sure they’re very tight and not slipping. Also I’d try to sort out any possible mechanical binding/misalignment that could add enough friction to make motor to skip a step.