Why I haven't got my LR2 making shavings

@printablescom just keeps distracting me with their stupid competitions. They are doing a great job but seriously will one of you tell them they are keeping me up at night?

“Print-Table” is the latest, and since I’d been mucking around with a modular printable furniture concept for a while, I suddenly fell down that big black hole.

Here’s the first - two Ikea Chopping Boards held up by a kilo of white filament!

Full description at the link, because I don’t want to repeat it, but if one of you would be so kind as to proof-read it I’d love that! :wink:



That is ingenious! I noticed that you mentioned a need for 100g of cyanoacrylate, which reading the description seems like a lot - perhaps 10g is what was intended? Roughly how much print time did you put into the table?


Just think… you could make a very small MPCNC and mount it on one of these!

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Dude, that is quality work right there. I really think you have a shot at winning with it. It does not “look” 3D printed. So cool.


Adam, many thanks for that - you are correct - 3 x 3gm tubes does not add up to 100! Fixed!

Thanks @vicious1 - I’m obviously fairly pleased with the result - not so pleased with the number of different parts that are evolving as the next “side table” and bookshelf in the series develops though - it will look like a “set” but the number of individual parts won’t reflect that.

I console myself with the thought that Lego now have no shame in creating a part just to do a specific job!


Can’t wait to see the bookshelf!

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Very roughly - 4 days of waking hours. I’m a bit relaxed about printing and deadlines so mostly don’t load up the build plate - four or five things at a time is my usual game - that way if I lose some along the way I’m minimising damage. (I rarely have a mishap, but that’s probably because the machine knows it won’t hurt me too much if it plays up! :smiley: )

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Those photos are great quality! Looks very professional!

Oh and I like the design of the model too. Great work all around :+1:


Thanks Jamie, there’s nothing like spending more time in photoshop cutting out the background of a photo than it did to make the object! :smiley:

In all seriousness - I figured that Ikea knows what it’s doing, so tried to copy that formula and am happy with the outcome. I spend way too much time on that sort of stuff I know!!

Since it’s not CNC related, I’m not going to start another thread, but here’s the next one - a side table for the living room. Similar but different.




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I’m wondering if this is the beginning of the future.

Will we just click on a catalogue image to order a bit of furniture and it arrives in a box the size of the required amount of filament?


These are neat tables. Look sharp!

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Congratulations, well deserved!


Thanks Jamie - a huge surprise of course and really grateful for the support from everyone!


Wow 1st place received a 1000 dollar printer??? Big gap from 3 rolls of filament. Danggg. Congrats none the less. Awesome

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To be honest I’d be embarrassed winning a printer! I’d have to think long and hard who to donate it to, but three rolls of filament means my LR3 starts in November, or even October if I’m over the jetlag by then!