Lost track of battery time. It went into auto land mode, wind pushed it into a tree. At least I tethered the gimbal! It was hanging by that in the tree.

You got so lucky you could actually reach it!


I just got done (like just now) listing all my quadcopter stuff on craigslist. I can’t find anywhere to fly around here, and it pisses me off so bad I have to get rid of it. After going though all my stuff, man… I easily spent over $1200 on stuff to get it going and a few minor replacements. F-Me.

Yea, my first drone was around $600, this one is now over $1200 with the gopro. Once I get the proper telemetry module for it, my phone will tell me when the battery is getting low. They accidently put a 433mhz module in the drone. The receiver they sent, and what I ordered is 915mhz. I need to order a new set of rotor blades now. The tree ate all four. Working on uploading the rest of the flight right now.

These dang thing add up cost real fast. Feels crazy to have that much money floating up in the air.

Yea, no joke there! Was going to do a spin in the barn, but the wind was swirling, and I didn’t feel ballzy enough.

Whoa I saw the shadow, that it the kick starter one, awesome!


I was curious what you had, ended up finding your post pretty easy on CL :stuck_out_tongue:

If I had need for any more of that stuff I’d hit you up…but I’m in a similar boat. I have like 3 1/2 working racing quads, 2 Phantoms, and 1 1/2 semi working racing quads lol. They’re great and I’m a fairly competent pilot but I hate going to the same parks over and over, at least for acro flight.

Nice. It’s just really frustrating, to learn I need a big open area. The only ones near me all require parking permits because some people have so much money they don’t want to share the giant mountain there house sits on. Even the park right near my house has a large open back corner but the parking lot is on the very far side of it. So I drove to the far side, yup, permit required…my blood is already boiling again.

Awesome. Just pulled part of it apart and looks like I stripped a gear too… Grrrrr…

Though I did find the oem of the rotor blades. They’re for DJI’s pro grade octocopters. I can get four sets of blades from DJI for ten bucks more than a single set from Ascent.

Noooo, breaking new toys sucks. Make a mold?

Pretty much everything for this is off the shelf parts. Only a few are custom, pretty sure this gear isn’t custom. I’ve emailed them to get a replacement, might get a couple, I see this happening again…

@Ryan, you make CNC machines out of EMT, Arduino Megas and 3D printed parts, why are you spending so much on quadcopters? (((Not really judging, just trying to make a point))).

I had a lot of fun with this:

I haven’t messed with it in a while, but I was doing FPV in the house, I opened the back door, and an upstairs window, I flew out the window, in the back door, up the stairs, out the back window. I made a few laps, all while sitting on my couch. You can crash it pretty hard, because it has no mass. You’d need FPV goggles or a screen, and a 9xr or similar. But the quad is like $40 in parts.

I had a few giant ones, then went to the tiny ones, then I was seduced by the high performance ones. It was a sickness, the build was so fun. I had planned on making some instructions for the site but the parts are still moving too fast, by the time you get the latest and greatest, the newer stuff is about to ship. The only thing you can make yourself is the frame and it turns out raw carbon fiber sheets cost more than buying a pre-cut frame, with hardware included. The one I have on craigslist is the high end of performance, similar builds easily hit 100mph. I got intoxicated by the possibility of flying FPV at such high speeds.

Barry, I can’t believe it is full of plastic gears, needs some belts.

The gears on the motors are metal. Pretty sure these are made to strip out to save the swashplates.

Can’t you just print a few new gears out of nylon?

Unless they are super tiny, it should work fine.

Or is it time for a “Mostly Printed swiss screw machine” & gear cutter?

I don’t have a .1 nozzle. That and I wouldn’t trust a printed gear to the $1200 of stuff flying above my head.