Should have seen the X and Y rails flapping!!

1mm depth of cut running at 5mm/s. Wasn’t slow enough I think. I think this stool is cursed. Was the same file that tried to burn down my barn, and on the mpcnc my cool IOT power switch for the spindle and vac died while starting this cut. Had to move them to another power strip and manually start them.

Man I am getting nervous about the LowRider…Is it a flawed design for you?

I’ve cut out a half dozen things now on mine, with very little issue once I got past my not measuring leg placement. I did get bit by the steppers letting go during my setup and one side lowered itself.

this was Friday’s work:

it may just need runtime and then some minor tweaking of the parts…

and in case that link gives you a blank page:

it’s a set of shelves to hold electronic parts…


I think my lowrider problems are mostly power issues, and my table probably isn’t flat enough. I should have the power problem fixed. Picked up a 350w 12vdc power supply. Need to rebuild my table out of something a little stiffer than metal studs. They didn’t work near as well as I thought they would.