Which tool mount should I print?

Hello guys,

I recently started to print all parts for the MPCNC, except for the tool holder. There are two files: Tool_Mount_F_4MM.stl and Tool_Mount_F_6-32.stl. I just want to attach a spindle later on, so which one do I need to print?



Depends on which nuts and bolts you have. Did you use 4mm metric or #6-32? Whichever it was (or whichever you want to use), print the one whose filename ends accordingly.

Ah, I see… I did use the 4mm metric nylon nuts. So I will print the 4mm version.

Thank you BT!

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This actually comes up very often any suggestions on how I can make this more clear?


If you rejiggered your parts table to include a notes column in lieu of using the asterisks, you could embed the information directly in each row. It would make the table wider than it is right now, something you might have tried to avoid. Should a subset of the table be added to thingiverse? You could eliminate several of the columns if you did.

On a related note on thingiverse, I always thought it would be nice if the photos of the parts showed the file name.

This actually comes up very often any suggestions on how I can make this more clear?
I'll be honest, when I first saw the sizes, I kept wondering why you didn't just list the screw size as 3/16 instead of 6/32... Then I want to the store to buy bolts for something else, and saw the #6-32 screws and smacked myself on the forehead. Once I knew that #6-32 was the non-metric screw size, it became more clear.

Great, now that I figured that out, I got another question, hope it sounds not to stupid.

How is it actually printed? When I put it into Cura, it stands vertical, is that the way it’s printed? I guess if so with quita a bit of a raft, or is laid flat and printed with supports?

Update: Well, just watched some YT videos, it’s printed vertically.

Upright with a brim. Dui printed it with supports and that seemed to work for him, but I’m not a fan of supports.


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I printed everything for the MPCNC without supports. Ryan did a great job of making the parts work well, and at the same time not requiring supports.


Yep, I’m overcautious at the moment, got my Ender3 only 2 months ago, and in between had almost 1 month absence in between. That the bed of the Ender in most cases is not straight is a known fact. I bought some 5mm glass plates, the one I’m using now I sanded down, first by hand with 180 sanding paper, after another fail of an mp3dp part which I spotted in the early stage, I sanded it with the machine. Things so far look good, but if I remove a part immediately after a print it sticks but not really hard. If clold it comes off with absolutely no effort.

Seems to clean the plate with something would go a long way.

I guess I finish the mp3dp parts first, although ordered the parts for the MPCNC, I doubt getting it running before I return to Europe next month. Try first to get the printer running there first, followed by an MPCNC. Finally building one in Thailand as well.

I have an ender-3, also. Good little printer. I printed all my MPCNC stuff before I messed with the build surface, but now I’m using a cheap piece of picture frame glass. Works great as long as it’s squeaky clean. PETG sticks well as long as I go SLOW on the first layer. Speeding up after that is ok, but the parts look like garbage.

Hi all,

New member, relatively new to CAD, very excited to getting close to having all parts for the MPCNC Burly printed!

In terms of making it more clear, I think just adding ‘mm’ to the name, so that the part name shows ‘4mm’ in it, and adding something like ‘imp’ or ‘imperial’ to the 6/32 part will make it a lot more intuitive (I actually came here to get the same question answered) as in Europe, the 6/32 size is rather unknown (at first I thought it had to do with the spindle tool ‘neck’ diameter or something).

In short, a simple rename should clarify it!

(PS: recently watched the Thomas Sanladerer video on license of some of his parts - just to show some support - I’m totally with you on this issue. While perhaps not technically a remix as per the definition, his was in no way an original part, regardless of how it came into existence)

Thanks for designing these awesome parts that print seriously well! My Ender 3 is running overtime :D)