Which one? (MPCNC or Lowrider?)

So, I will attempt to make sense here, I have a printer, I have some knowledge of cnc. I have posted before but not for a long time.

My current DIY printer does not produce repeatable results. If I recall one of my last posts was stating I was printing parts for the Lowrider. Long story short I got side tracked and have some parts, not labeled, and the cheap china plastic I was using (if it’s cheap, there’s a reason haha) cracked over time (printer not being optimized probably didn’t help this phenomenon either) I’m ready to pull the trigger on just buying everything from Ryan.

I want to CNC cabinets. no bigger than 2x4 in footprint. While it doesn’t need to be super precise, I’m wondering which machine I should get.

My cabinets will have slots that shelving slides into, again, nothing too precise but a straight line would be nice. Ideally I wouldn’t mind milling slots into the edges so the wood goes together like (Struggling for the correct term) locking fingers together.

I would like to be able to cut at least 1/2" thick plywood, perhaps once I get better at the workflow transition to some of the softer hardwoods (still harder than plywood)

Which machine would get me closer to my goals once I became adept at using it?

MPCNC or Lowrider?

What would pros/cons in ya’ll experience be?

I’m not opposed to buying a new router (Like the Dewalt that is recommended) But I’ve got a Ridgid R2401 router I could use (1/4" collet)

Sorry for rambling!

Besides, it’s my birthday month… Treat yo self!

Edit: I hope the wife doesn’t get me… I just pulled the trigger on everything for a MPCNC… I’d still like to hear everyone’s opinions regardless of me buying the Mpcnc.

Since I did, one question. The parts bundle said it came with enough belt for any combo of 48x48 so I should be fine for my 2x4 envelope right? (It’s late, I just got in off a long trip… brain is not engaging technical stuff lol)

I think the 48" refers to total X plus Y distance. Looking at the parts list, you’d get 13’ of belt which would support 24" on X and 24" on Y. For a 2’ by 4’ you’d need to buy a total of about 17’ (64" for each X - total 128" and 40" for each Y - total 80").

The general recommendation is a LowRider for the larger builds, though there have been some 4’ and 5’ foot MPCNC builds. You can make it work, just need to do some feeds&speeds checks because you’d have some additional flex due to the long support conduit for the middle assembly [you can adequately support the long side rails].

I have both the MPCNC and the LowRider, but since I built the LowRider, I use just it. I’m keeping the MPCNC, though, for a potential laser upgrade since it is easier to move it outside for ventillation purposes.


Well, let me ask this, is 2x2 enough area to make any of @ryan ‘s machines? ?

Okay, I see your order. I think it is safe to not ship it until you are sure? If you really want 2x4 you need more belt…

I just built my new LowRider2 with a 2’x 4’ cutting area. Just milling wood either size is fine, leaning towards the LowRider for your purposes. Truly the MPCNC is a tiny bit easier to use because it is kind of more open (hard to explain), but like BT I tend to use my LowRider most often (I am not sure why).

I know this probably doesn’t help much but it really just isn’t black and white. Really I think the MPCNC built small at first to learn and then expanding it when you understand it is always the best.

Ryan you can go ahead and ship my order I have heaps of belt on hand, from my first attempt I bought a couple 3 meter belt rolls. I will stick with the mpcnc. Until I know what I’m doing the open design will be most welcome.

Thanks for the input!


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Wow you are fast! Just got my text saying my order was shipped!

Wonder what color ill get lol

Thanks so much!

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Holy crap that was fast! Thank you so much Ryan!