Which model should I order?

Hello All,

New to CNC and currently printing parts for this machine. I am a guitar builder and would like to try this machine for bodies/necks and fretboards. I am a novice with CAD in all aspects, so this is going to require a great deal of learning.

My question to you, which might sound stupid. Should I purchase the Rambo Series Wire Kit or the Dual Firmware Kit? I understand the dual firmware has stops, which I like the sounds up, but require more programming which in my case as a novice I’m afraid I might bite off more than I can chew.

I guess my stupid question is, during prints, I will likely be cutting outlines, and then neck pockets/pickup pockets, and then flipping the guitar and cutting control cavities on the back. Will the stops be an important/required feature when flipping pieces, or will I be fine with the Series unit?

Again, sorry if this is a totally stupid question, I can make a wicked guitar by hand but am really eager to learn CNC to speed up some of the process.

I’m in the same boat as you in terms of wanting to flip carvings to do both sides. I do not have the end stops but am confident after just a few weeks of playing with the machine that I’ll be able to get close enough for my needs with careful planning and thought in everything I do. I think it was/is recommended in the shop somewhere that if you are new to this (which I am), you should not use the dual end stops. Makes sense to me now, knowing what I know now. It’ll just make if/when I ever DO add them in that much more valuable.useful to me.

I’m not sure if dual endstops help with tool changes, but it will definitely help you to get things perfectly square.

Since squareness is extremely important for that kind of things, I’d say go for the dual endstops for sure.

There is no programming involved, you just need to download the correct firmware from Ryan, carefully follow the instructions and you should be good to go.

My current stance on this is buy the full rambo series version and add in the dual wires. Learn, play, break, in series. When you understand it a bit better and can not get the sort of accuracy you need, add the dual an adjust your CAM and workflow accordingly. Some find it easier, others find it a needless complication. For a two sided cut with tool changes you are going to need it eventually.

I don’t use dual endstops on my mpcnc, but i have tried it. I did not find it very usefull:/ so i took them off and just have some hard enstops that i put the cantry into before carving. and my machine is square every time.
And it makes the machine very easy to use.

Only thing i have done is some firmware mod so i can free the z axe from the lcd, for easier toolchange.

if you plan to use mpcnc as 3d printer and use 5 steppers board for build it it’s better to don’t use dual-endstops version. just because you need a free stepper driver for extruders. (in dual endstops mode all 5 drivers on typical board will be used for XYZ motors)
otherwise there is no significant reason to not setup dual endstops