Which fimware

Wondering which firmware I need to flash for using the mpcnc as a 3d printer. I’m using an 8mm threaded rod for my z axis. Also my ramps setup didn’t come with any jumpers for underneath the drivers (which are A4988’s ) I’m assuming that I need all 3 covered?? Which way around do the drivers need to go, pot away from the 12v power or towards the 12v power?

Whoops, you’re using a cnc. I think the standard cnc firmware will work as a 3d printer.

Ramps wiring.

Edit again, you’ll need to comment out the fake resistor settings in the arduino code so you don’t overheat the hot end.

Actually I think the one that says extruder and heat bed enabled has the thermistor part enabled, so no editing.

could Ryan possibly confirm this?

I don’t have any firmware that will work as is for your drivers. You will absolutely need to install jumpers and edit my firmware to make it work with your setup, basically halving the steps on all axis, and verify your extruder, since you gave no details. you should edit the mpcnc-t8-eb firmware.

I am using Fusion 360 to generate G code. for Mac 3. But I don’t know which post processor works for Marlin. Can someone help me please? My E mail: frmco@sbcglobal.net


Robert you should start a new thread as that is an advanced topic unrelated to Martin’s question.

I really think you should stick to the way I recommend at least at first, it is free and it works. I am not sure you can even use mach 3 (or the current mach 4) with ramps/marlin.


Robert this is the best place to start.