Where's 0,0?

Probably a stupid question, but just to verify… in the diagram, which corner is 0,0 (coming from Maslow, 0,0 is center of board)?


It is whatever you want. And it is determined by CAM. It is on the workpiece. If you are cutting something out, it makes sense to put it at the bottom left corner. If you are carving a design on something, sometimes it makes sense to put it in the center of the design.

In CAM, you’ll pick the origin (estlcam usually puts it in the lower left) and then when setting up the job, you will move your bit to where you want that spot to be and set 0,0 with G92 X0 Y0 Z0.

In any case, X gets larger from 1 to 4. Y gets larger from 1 to 2. So if you had endstops, 0,0 would be 1.

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Thanks… was just checking on where to put my blocks to zero out everything.

I don’t use the controller to set my zero point.

I move the gantry around by hand and put the bit at 0,0,0 and then turn on the machine. I’m not sure if all firmwares do this, but Marlin sets the current spot to 0,0,0 when you turn on the machine (or at least mine does). I don’t use stop blocks to set a 0 because it’s different every time I cut something depending on where on the machine I screw down the board I’m cutting.

The software I’m looking to modify to use with the lowrider allows me to track where I’ve cut on a 4x8 sheet of wood (handy when you have to stack your sheets on top of each other for storage). In order to use it, I have to be relatively consistent on 0,0. I just wanted to make sure my coordinate system was right.

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