Where to start looking on my SKR Mini E3 V3


OK, I’ve hit a brick wall and I need some suggestions on where to begin.

This is not a V1 product, but I hope that some of the gurus here can point me in the right direction.

The printer is a used Ender 3 I bought and upgraded with a second Z-axis, all metal extruder, BLTouch, Capricorn Bowden, and Carborundum glass bed. Then recently put an SKR Mini E3 V3 with a TFT35 color touch screen.

The system was working fine before the Mini E3, and I was still getting the probe offset correct when I ran into my problem.

The issue is that the board doesn’t seem to communicate with the screen any more. I didn’t change anything. The machine was turned off in the evening and the next morning when I turned it on the screen said “No printer attached”. I took the cover off the control board to look at the LEDs and they all seem to be blinking appropriately. I tried reloading the firmware and the status lights seemed to indicate the loading, and the firmware.cur was written to the sd card.

I tried plugging in the old graphic display (in addition to the TFT) and it wasn’t getting data either.

I’ve tried firmware from the SKR git and a couple other versions that previously worked.

So, where do I look next? I’m about to put the original board back in and return the E3, but I really like the features and want to get it working.