Where to run wiring and place boards?

So my table is set up for the most part. I have everything assembled but I am not sure where to run the wiring?and where should I place the miniRambo board/LCD? Should the board and LCD on the Y axis assembly? If so how do I actually attach it to the assembly? Also, the included wiring looks like it behaves as a splitter? My X and Y seem to be moving just fine, but my Z is slipping. I’m not sure if my screws aren’t tight enough or if I have the motors wiring wrong. How should I be using the provided splitter on the Z axis? Here is a picture of what I currently have, ignore the mess!


I have some pictures of how I have my board on my build in the assembly page.

Maybe I’m blind but under the assembly the only place I even see a board is in the very first rendered picture. And it doesn’t show how the wires get there.

Sorry your right, on the thingiverse page.