Where to get laser glasses?

Just curious where you guys get yours, worried about picking up some cheap ones that don’t do anything. Planning to enclose my mpcnc, so I’m also curious where to get the sheet of panel material to do the same.

When I bought mine 4 years ago I went with Eagle Pair from Survival Laser because they were the best deal I found for high quality well rated glasses. This is the pair I use:

Though I picked them because I had a ebay green “5mw” special (which is considerably higher than 5mw) and wanted something to protect against all the UV those are notorious for putting out.

I’ve you’re using going to be using the normal 445nm Nichia NDB7875 2.8w that’s popular then you can get by with a cheaper pair like these: https://www.survivallaser.com/Eagle_Pair__190-540nm_OD5_Standard_Laser_Safety_Goggles/p556088_2780808.aspx

There may be better deals out now…but I’ve been very happy with my Eagle Pair goggles and they’re fairly well respected for quality and carrying proper certs.



Just FYI, I had to use https://www.survivallaserusa.com/ to order in the US.

Same style goggles and prices but I guess the other website can’t ship to US addresses.