Where to find DFX or STL files?

Where do many of you all go to get your DFX and or STL files? I have used thingiveres to find many things to 3D print but I don’t see much along the lines of CNC reliefs. I looked on eBay (searched for STL) and I see thousands of reliefs for a CNC mill. I am just trying to choose what to buy first. I also know how to make my own CAD and DFX designs but I am not extremely artistic so I don’t know what to make. And now the holidays are not too far off and I am trying to decide if I should make the decorations I had in mind for my house or if I should first make some gifts for friends and family. And if it’s a gift what do I make?

So I am asking these questions:

Where do you all go to find DFX or STL files for a your MPCNC?

Is there a better way to search Thingiverse for reliefs or appliqués?

Is eBay a good place to shop for these things?

Any ideas of what I could make as gifts?

Is there a thingiverse like site just for CNC mill designs?

Aaryn, I’m with you bro. I want to do some elaborate relief carvings and I’m having the same issue. Maybe we ought to build a site that is similar to Thingiverse and let people upload their files for free or paid use. There certainly is a need. I can build the site. I’m facing the same issue you are. It’s hard to find stl files to use. In fact, I’m going to do that this weekend. PM me for more info and to exchange some ideas. Mike


Just as another option, there appear to be quite a few STL Files on etsy as well:



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I was looking for a solution a few evenings back and came across lots of paid spots - which, for the right file I’m not opposed to paying for. I do love the sharing economy too though (like Thingiverse). I thought I was onto a solution and signed up for one site that sounded to me like a sharing spot - which it is…but it’s points based and then you use earned/gathered points to download files. Thing is, on just “freely earned” points it’d take up to a month of daily site visits to get enough points to download anything. I sadly don’t have much to share (yet) and don’t have the patience for daily site check-ins.

I have learned to use inkskape by watching Nick Saporito videos he is very good about explaining tool functions, for cnc there is a tool to trace bitmaps of downloaded images then you adjust linetypes and fill, save it as a dxf file and send it to estlcam. There is a learning curve but once you get the hang of it, it’s not so bad.

I was under the impression that Inkscape was only a 2d vector program. Can it also generate 3d relief STL files for CNC relief carving?

I think you are correct. Inkscape is only for 2D. But you can use it to trace a picture to get something artistic. But i don’t think you can get 3D out of it.


Well I decided to use an old search engine I had forgotten the name of (Yeggi). Check it out. It has links to a ton of CNC stl files. "relief" 3D Models to Print - yeggi

And this one I just found. https://www.yobi3d.com/q/free%20cnc


Yes I believe you are correct. Inkscape can only do 2D files. I believe Josh just just meant that you could find an artistic picture then trace it and make a CNC file out of it. Like a sign or design.

Ok everyone! I did a little searching for CNC reliefs and I found a few sources.

First off I will share a few STL search engines. Yeggi.com It tries to be the google of STL files. So you do a search and it shows you files from many different websites. I did a search for “cnc releif” and it had some cool stuff.

Next I found another STL search engine that have not used before today. Yobi3d.com It works like Yeggi but I think I like the search results better. You can use the word free in the search and it will filter out most of the files for sale. Search results for “Free cnc”

Hope it helps others to find something. I am not opposed to paying for files. I am just having a hard time finding them and seeing them clearly enough to know if I want to buy them.

As an aside - did you happen to find any pre-existing DXF file sharing site where users can share the things they’ve set up? I just finished the cut files for a ski storage cabinet that I’d be happy to share.