When the "repeat" is complete - is this next?

I was really thinking about the LR3 next, but ummm…

What are you doing after that @vicious1 Ryan ?


That was a whole lot of information packed in a short video. Did he speed up his audio? Pioneering DIY work and good thorough fundamental analysis (idle curiosity as he refers to it).

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Yeah buddy. That guy seems to be having fun! His skill set is pretty large, I bet he cracks this pretty soon. Definitely want to keep an eye on him.

Also want to get me a fiber laser like that.


My eyes glazed over by somewhere near the end!

So wait, speaking of next, one of the 1500 posts on the moving forward post said you had new ideas for something. When you going to let us in on those?? Sorry this is toward @vicious1

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I always have an idea for something…but I am not on this level yet!