What's wrong with this picture? (must be money laundering...)

This makes me want to say, “drugs…it’s always the drugs.”

monk it's the drugs

Backstory of the above:

Monk goes to Mexico. The two detectives, when asked what led to the murder, answer, “Drugs…it was drugs…it’s always the drugs.”

“But the man drowned while sky diving,” Monk puzzles.

“Trust me, Monk. It’s the drugs.”

Sooooo many eBay “deals” thst look affordable … until you look at the shipping.

EBay was different because the seller pays eBay by closing bid, so many items got sold for $1 + $99,999.99 shipping and handling. I think they plugged that hole, but I think it still suckers people into clicking “buy now.”

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It also puts the result at the top of the search if you sort by lowest price.

Ebay is one big site of buyer beware. The frequent ebay customers love the hunt through the scams though. I get the weirdest gifts from my Aunt who finds weird stuff on there all the time.

Or when you submit a offer and then they just make the difference up with the shipping lol.

I’ve bought a few things off of ebay through the years. Got into a bidding war one time and payed almost the cost of ‘new’ for something many many years ago.

These days, I only look on ebay if I’m looking for something obscure or something that’s not made anymore. Recently bought a Stanley #79 hand plane on there that isn’t made anymore. Still got it cheaper than buying something similar new.

You do have to watch the shipping costs.


I use ebay for used items sometimes. I often use it to figure out what something is worth. There are a lot of good electronics on there, but aliexpress or amazon usually work better for me.

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Of late I’m finding aliexpress is also terribly expensive - more than retail in Aus!! I’m at the point where I just don’t bother looking there anymore.

What do you reckon for an 8" x 6" rectangle of acrylic?


We have a local plastic store. They have a remnant sale the third friday every month. If I needed that, I would get a few pieces for a few bucks there.

Wow, that’s some pricey stuff!

The catch is that’s not just normal acrylic, and the stuff rated to block the wavelengths noted, is up there in price in the states as well.

Or you can roll the dice, that the color alone is going to provide the protection, and pay less.

Gimmick? I don’t know, don’t have the sensor to test.

I get that- but I can also buy from the US for less!! Most aliexpress vendors seem to have an Australia tax these days- I’m happy to buy locally of course, but cheap stuff from China is becoming less of an option!

It can be less of a dice roll, at least. See if the laser will CUT some of the cheap stuff. If it doesn’t cut, then it’s passing the laser light through. If it does cut, it’s absorbing it, and will protect you.

Bummer. There also seems to be a Canada tax, which shows up in shipping, but it doesn’t matter where you buy from here. Shipping in Canada is always expensive, even from Canadian sellers.


Another test is to try to cut a tissue through the glass (apparently). The tissue should be a lot easier to set on fire! I am considering getting some orange and a reflective window tint, but I need it to work and be confident of that.

Sounds good. I wouldn’t bother if the laser couldn’t cut the acrylic though. Well, at least score it, if it’s just a colour filter on the surface.

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Oh man I had a heck of a time lately with acrylic.
I need one that passes all the uv through. For a older tanning bed lol I had no idea there was differences.
I reached out to a place we get our bubble windows made and he was the one that told me about it.
I did however find a great bit of info on acrylic forming and setting up ovens or UV heaters if any one is interested.