What wood is it?

QUestion… what is the wood that people make 3d printers out of ? LIke makerfarm, the prusas, or most of the other laser cut wood you see… its very strong, and not that thick… it doesnt seem like ply… id like to get some :slight_smile:

It appears to be Maple with MDF core , at least thats what colin at makerfarm uses. I have a markerfarm printer, so i asked him.
anyone else think others use something different?

Crazy coincidence I was looking for that last night. Acrylic is pretty expensive and all the wood seemed like it could warp easily. There is another kind that I can’t seem to find the name of that holds up in humidity.

Teak would hold up in humidity :slight_smile:

I think i found the wood i want at menards

Looks to be the same as what colin from makerfarm stated. I have a few replacement parts to make as well as wanting to create some storage boxes and different projects. Im sure normal plywood would work, but this stuff is really strong.

If you seal the your wood with a primer or stain on all exposed faces that will greatly minimize any issues with humidity.

That sounds like the good stuff. Home depot didn’t have that I will have to check some other stores today. I want to start cutting out some test pieces for a printer.

Since it is laminated I assume we should be using a downcut single flute, to try and minimize lifting and get a cleaner edge?

Here in Denver, at least, there are some specialty wood working stores that have special plywood made from much thinner sheets, and it’s much stronger than the AC cabinet stuff you find at home depot.

Searching for woodworking, lumber, or hardware came up with the stores I’m thinking of. They are not cheap, but if you need it for something specific, it might be worth the cost.