What went wrong?

Newly built V3, got my crown done fine, and decided to level my spoilboard before cutting my struts. About 20 minutes in, my router bogged down, carved into my spoilboard, and seized.

I have several photos, but it only lets me upload one at a time.

Any idea what’s going on?

Aww man, sorry that sucks to happen on that job. I don’t have a LR but something similar happened to me a while back on my Primo. I was using an upcut bit and it started plowing into the workpiece. It turned out that the bit came loose and pulled out of the collet. I’ve made sure it is super tight since then and it hasn’t happened again. Hopefully it’s something as easy as that for you. Best of luck!

BTW, you’ll be able to upload more photos after a few posts.

Entirely possible. I will try again tomorrow, and post the results. Thanks for the help!

So sorry to hear of it. Is your router still OK? Did it burn up?

My first thought, as Gato suggests, is a loose bit that droped. I had that happen to me once, and the forces managed to snap one of my router mounts on my Primo as well as dig a hole in my spoil soard. There are other possibilities.

  • Loose grub screws on the pulley
  • Lead screws not aligned correctly and/or not lubed
  • Overheating of a stepper driver
  • Intermittent wiring issue
  • Z feedrate too high (probably not since you were surfacing and not moving Z)

What I would do is run the job in the air with the router on to see if you can reproduce the problem. If the problem reoccurs, examine the height on both sizes of the Z axis.


Sorry can’t offer anything further with regards the problem, but I thought to mention that it may be better to fit your strut plates before surfacing your spoil board. They make the gantry more rigid. You might well be surfacing to a machine shape that could change when the strut plates are fitted. You don’t need a highly precise surface for cutting your strut plates.
Good luck with the problem and don’t worry about a big groove in your spoil board it will get wrecked pretty soon anyway.


I also vote a loose bit based on the second photo. Looks like a VFD spindle in the photo; if that’s brand new er-11 collet, it may just need some breaking in. The first few uses you have to tighten them a lot to prevent slippage. After the collet gets worn into the nut and motor shaft taper, tightening becomes a lot more predictable/consistent.

The lack of shear plates also could be the cause of the stepped surface finish. If that doesn’t mostly go away after adding the plates, the you may have to adjust tramming.


I was standing there watching it as it happened; i noticed it making a strange sound so I leaned it for a closer look. Since I was right thereI was able to shut it off as soon as it bound. Everything appears to be be in working order. I’ll give it another go when I get home tonight.

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Turns out it was even dumber than a loser bit. The whole router was lose


Glad you solved it!

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