What to Order

If I were to order the

Low Rider CNC Bundle

Full Graphic Smart Controler, Big

I am printing my parts now on my 3d Printer, and will be cutting out the first set of pieces of flat stock this weekend, and picking up the pipe.

What else would I need to order in order to make the Low Rider 2 besides the Spindle/Router (Laser? or what not)

You’ll need router bits, and I’d recommend the 1/8"collet.

In hindsight I wished I’d ordered the usb cable (a to b) and wire sleeves with the kit, because I ended up having to go out and buy those separately afterwards when Ryan offers them at a good price in his shop with combined shipping.

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Is the Mini Rambo that is optional in the bundle the way to go? Is that the best board? I know nothing about the electronics part of the build

There are a few good videos that might clear things up for you. Some old guy coding, has made two versions now, and Teaching Tech has just started releasing a pretty good series. It might clear up some uncertainties.

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Thank You. I will review both and make a decision from there.


Parts Bundle with Mini Rambo, LCD Screen, Sleeve (a bunch), and a USB Cable Ordered. About 60% done printing all my parts.

Packed, labeled ready for mail pickup…better print faster.

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Thank You Ryan. I am hoping to be done printing by then end of the weekend, or at least by this coming weekend when I will actually have time to work in it.

Amazing fast package and shipping. Put order in and less than 10 minutes you reply on here and I get the confirmation in my E-Mail. Outstanding service. Thank you again.

You owe me one…Two if my box gets there before you finish printing…It’s in the fine print.

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I am on track to finishing the printing by the end of the night tomorrow night, but do not want to jinks anything. I still have a ton to do including cleaning a spot to build the table for it. Mind you I am going to get after that part in a fast manner. I already have things to do with it once it is built and worked in. My wife wants a ZENXY table for the livingroom, so I am going to work on one for Christmas for her.


I haven’t filled my Zen up since my move…I keep thinking I will get to an update but, things keep getting in the way. Hopefully I update it soon (I did actually glance at the CAD last night). My friends kids keep asking me about it, Now I need to add Jamie’s Joystick to it so they can Draw…I would be the coolest after that.



Well if you need anything out of a CAD System let me know how I can help. I sit in front of Autocad all day every day as my day job, and when I get home I do stuff in it for side work, and for fun.


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Hi there guys,
I was looking for a CNC kit to use in garage. I am handy guy and tech savvy but I don’t have a 3D printer. I just stumbled onto V1 Engineering, so If I wanted to get a Lowrider 2 complete kit so I can start assembling it home without having to go out there and buy any parts, what would I need and how much would it cost? Apologies if this has been covered elsewhere.

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Sounds like a good fit. You’ll need to get the router and tubing yourself. But the printed parts, flat parts, hardware and electronics (controller and lcd) are available from the shop. I don’t know the total offhand, but it will depend some on sourcing tubing. There is a calculator here:


I would advise you to buy the tubing first so you cam be sure you get the right sized parts from the shop (from Ryan).

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