What tests to fine tune my MPCNC

I know how to tune my 3D printer.

I am about to attempt to use my MPCNC to mill scales for my folding knife project. Small scale production level. What tests should I run to convince myself the MPCNC has the precision and accuracy? I am entry level sub $1000 machines will not provide noticeably better results???


Test Pattern Generator

That’s a good start. it will tell you that the X and Y steps/mm is accurate, and will also give you an idea of any backlash in the system.

Then you use the endmill and machine out some squares and square holes. Measure the diagonals of the squares, to ensure that they are the same, and this will tell you if your machine is square.

Fit the square pieces into the square holes, and this will tell you how accurately you have measured the end mill diameter.

You can spend a LOT of money before you will see better results. Faster machining time comes much sooner, but as long as you keep to the abilities of the machine, and have a careful build, the Primo is nothing short of excellent.

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