What size and how much braided wire loom do I need?

What size and how much braided wire loom is everyone running? I’m going to start with a 2’x2’ MPCNC.

I used 1/4" and just bought 100’ from Amazon. That size let me easily put up to 6 22ga silicone wires in each sleeve and I was able to run three sleeves through my cable chain (2ea w/ 4 wires for the Y steppers and 1 w/ 6 wires for the Z and laser control). Mine has roughly a work area of 24"x18" and I still have lots of extra sleeve for later use.


Depending on size you could get away with 10 meters if you don’t make any mistakes. I would recommend at least 20 meters. Remember the more wires you put in it the shorter it will get. I would also recommend ordering a glued heat shrink kit.