What should I make an XZ plate out of?

Good afternoon.
Can you tell me if it is possible to cut the XZ board out of 10 mm plywood on the LR3?
There is also 6 mm plywood and 6 mm thick hardboard (but I want to put hardboard on Strut plate)

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The 10mm plywood ought to work, but I’d proobably rather have the 3D printed XZ plates at that point.

For the 10mm plates, you may want to recess the M3 screw holes (the double circles on the DXF) to about 6mm thickness so that M3×10mm screws will hold them to the linear rails.


+1. I’m running the 3D printed plates with no issues

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Thought well sealed 1/2" MDF is consider more stable and preferred over same thickness in Plywood?

Was thinking about YZ, but you’re asking about XZ. Alu sure is nice for the XZ that needs to support/transfer the gantry weight.

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That is a hassle, best just to print the side plates. I have great files available.

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Thanks for the advice. I cut out XZ and YZ boards from 10mm plywood. I made indentations for the M3x10 screw, I guessed the size :grinning:.