What relay should I use for my router?

Hi, I am building my MPCNC with AMB 1050W FME-P router and RAMPS 1.5 board. Can you please suggest me which relay should I use? (not amazon please bcs they don’t ship almost anything to Slovakia) I want to use relay to power on/off spindle and in the future I may add compressor for tool cooling(also if you can recommend what compressor is the best I would highly appreciate it)

I know you didn’t want Amazon, but I picked up a Solid State Relay on there for 12USD or so. You can get them from other places as well. It takes 3-32VDC on the control side, and switches up to 480VAC @ 15Amps. Haven’t had a chance to get it installed yet as the CNC is currently buried from a shop cleanup. Got the idea from someone else on the forums who was using several of them to control various aspects of his tricked out MPCNC.

If you are looking to avoid Amazon, I found similar items available from DigiKey. They are standard parts, so locating them elsewhere shouldn’t be too difficult.

Also don’t forget to take into account that solid state relays generally fail closed. So when they fail, whatever is attached to it will stay on.

Hey thanks I found it in local electronics store here. Sorry for being total noob in this but where do I have to connect 32V ? Do I need some kind of voltage regulator/booster because my power supply is only 24V and 12V secondary

Edit: never mind I didn’t see 3-32V :sweat_smile: thanks

How to prevent this problem?

Keep your fingers out when powering on system and safe.landing zone if failure was high they would not use them but use common sense your safety is paramount!

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Don’t buy them on aliexpress. Make sure it really has a CE or UL approval.

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Okay thanks, I plan to enclose all electronics to box which would be mounted underneath the MPCNC (or next to idk how big it would be right now). Yeah of course safety first, also if I leave the cnc I make sure to turn it off. Thanks guys for help. Also what else would you recommend to increase safety, I heared some people use Central stop switch which is neat but I don’t know ho to wire it up… If anyone can help please. I read that it can be wired so it cuts of power only to TMC 2208 drivers so the whole machine still works just axis stand still and spindle is turned off

Can I order this one ? One will be for my compressor and anotherone for spindle.

I have a power strip with router and drivers plugged in and it’s right at my left hand

How do you power drivers separately ? Or are the whole motherboard and drivers powered by same source?

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Generally you kill power to everything. No point in seperate with an emergency stop.

I used to work for military machining company on CNC Lathe and the emergency stop button just killed all the movement (for example if you crashed), but the machine stayed on (I think that’s the best way to wire up emergency stop, but don’t know how)

The 12 volt power is the drivers and the 110 is the router that should do it. The microcontroller is all that is left and in a crash will need to be reset anyway so why not?