What kind of hotends are y'all using these days

Not an MP3DP question necessarily, but I’m printing some endstop brackets for my CNC build, I realize that my ender3 is in serious need of a hotend upgrade. I still using an old e3d V6 all metal so I’m can push temp for non-pla materials (mostly petg).

Was looking at the e3d revo rapid change, but the price tag is rather hefty. Any other recommendations?

The No-Tell motels are usually best, where you can pay cash, and the clerks don’t really bother to even look at you…

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Well his title does say HOTELs LOL. But I’m pretty sure he meant to put HOTEND lol

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I have an E3D all-metal on my old printer, and I like it, but it does get crusty. That printer is reserved now to only print food-safe PETg filament through, so it prints stuff like funnels and fridge fixtures. Inseem to need that kind of thing enough to not resent having a printer reserved for it.

The Hemeras on my V3 and V4 MP3DPs are pretty good as direct extruders, same V6 heat blocks and nozzles. I have a PT1000 sensor in one and the E3D thermistor in the other. I run PETg through all of my printers regularly. Those all print at 250°C, sometimes 255.

The Flashforge is new, not that much info, but seems reasonable.

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I did put Revos on my printer, and I like the 1 piece construction. But they are pricey. I don’t want to put high flow nozzle’s on them because of the cost (I have a toolchanger with 3 toolheads.)

Previously I printed primarily in PETG and the Revos did stop the oozing. Every time I needed to tighten the nozzles, I had to repeat the Z-offsets and XY tool alignments which was a pain. So the finger tightening of the Revos was a big quality of life upgrade.

Standard Revo caps out on volumetric flow, so your print speed may be limited. I’ve also been looking at something to use the CHT nozzles - which seems like a good upgrade to improve print speed. (In the end I’m looking at perhaps moving to an IDEX system. For speed I can’t beat having two hotends laying down plastic at once.)

I’ll always sing the praise of the Slice Mosquito. Cheap it is not but there’s one installed on my V0 and K3 and they just work. You just never have to worry about them clogging, jamming, or keeping up with the print. And they are small and light for the tiny carriages on these printers. Highly recommend.


Another really nice option, thanks!

After my CNC is done, I really have to deep dive my ender3s performance issues. It’s not just the nozzle, but I’m having adhesion issues, warping (even in pla), and severe elephants foot.

so I just bought the comgrow Pei sheet from Amazon for mine, good lord what a difference!

Also elephants foot is, not always, but usually a draft. Mouse ears can help with that.

I use the old micro-swiss direct drive on both Ender and Ender clone printers. Works Wonders!

I’m using the H2V2s and looking for a higher flow option for the V4 → V5 upgrade. I went with the BQ direct drive setup because it was small and light and came as a complete unit. Good things have been said about the mosquito here as well as other places I’ve read, but I’m experiencing sticker shock on that one, though in the end it will cost more to buy something else and end up with that one anyway. I looked at the microswiss systems at RMRRF and a few others. One person at RMRRF commented that the H2V2s on Ryan’s v5 was outdated. I’m really interested in benchmark data to compare them. Do any of you know of something like that?

Mosqutio Magnum with cht nozzles and a bondtech extruder.

My favorite that I have first hand experience with is Orbiter V2 with Rapido HF and Bondtech CHT nozzle.

Guess I will be trying out a Orbiter V3 here soon lol

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