What is the proper connector for SKR Pro Board Stepper Motors

I have have some problems with the stepper motor plugs that are supplied in the kit and connecting to the SKR Pro board. They do not seat well and some of the holding tabs were damaged when I pushed the through the wire loom. Does anyone know what the correct plug is for board?

This harness seems to be the right one based on the picture of them on the circuit board, but the individual pictures look like the pins are too far apart?


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I’m pretty sure they would be a JST-XH connector. I have an SKR v1.3 and that’s is what it uses. I would assume the other SkR boards are the same.

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i used the JST_XH from this kit i ordered a year ago. they work perfect. the white ends on the one you posted are right but 6 pin. you need 4pin ones.


Where do you see that they are 6 pin?

1 if you zoom in on the white you will see the space between the outer wires and inner. there is space there for another pin. and ity says in the description
2 lol i bought the same wires and had to change the ends to fit the skr

Well played :wink:

i made the mistake of seeing and just ordering without reading. lol learn from mistakes

Hi Mike and Rob
I just put together a LowRider with the SKR and end stops and have it drawing and cutting nicely. The assembly went well with no issues and docs were good.
The one thing that’s just irritating is these connectors on the motor wiring harness and the end stops to the SKR. They are very loose on the pins and tend to come off easily. I have another 3D printer and these connectors plug on nice and firmly.
Is it the wiring harness from V1? All the connectors came with this kit. Or the SKR boards pins because all the connectors are kind of loose?
The ones that were really too loose I just bent the pin slightly. This doesn’t seem right.
My question is - would I have better luck replacing all the connectors using that crimper tool kit? Should I live with it this way?

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I switched everything with the crimping kit and I’m much happier. The connectors with the v1 kit are more universal of all boards but not optimum for the SKR. They work but are not super solid. The right connector has little clips that hold it on the body of the connector and not just with the friction on the pins.

Use the kit Mike ordered, not the one I had in the original post

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Thanks very much for the great answer and the solution.


No problem! Enjoy

I found the same thing: the cables supplied by V1 use DuPont connectors which will fit but are not secure enough for my taste. I have had issues with poor electrical connections. I have bought some 4 pin cables (confusingly labelled 3S) and a back up kit of parts to make my own.

I’m still having issues, one endstop went open last week. I was lazy and only replaced the obvious loose ones. Rather cut wood than work on connectors.
Yesterday’s project.



I have had the same problem with the end stop connectors too: these are supposed to be 3 pin JST XH. It is frustrating as the LR just doesn’t work properly as a result. V1 didn’t supply the end stop connectors: using DuPont ones is my own bodge.

Edit: I found the manufacturer’s helpful page about the connectors. There’s even a 3D model in the download section.

After careful measurements it appears that the JST XH male connectors are about half the length of the DuPont ones, hence the poor connection when DuPont female connectors are used with JST HX male sockets.

These 4 pin JST XH connectors arrived today and they fit perfectly, just as suggested at the top of the thread.

I crimped some DuPont male headers on the other end and the motor connections now work reliably. I am waiting for the 3 pin JST XH ones so that I can make end-stops secure.

Edit: I fitted the JST XH to the end-stops and they work correctly too.

Yeah the JST work great. I add a dab of hot glue over the connection to the motors to stop them from pulling apart easily when feeding wires. Works great.

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