What is the g code that would keep the steppers motors powered on??

Im not using ESTLCAM first and foremost. I like to be difficult and use Vcarve instead lol. I have yet to do a project that involves tool changes but at some point I need to face my fear.


I know im going to have to touch off Z again manually (touch off plate maybe down the road). But im wondering what the code should look like in between operations for a tool change to ensure my code is correct so the x and y doesnt move while im muscling out the bits on the Dewalt 660???

During a pause they stay on already, nothing fancy needed.

Some old guy coding has a video on a few different ways to do a tool change. It is not in vcarve but the gcode and concept are exactly the same.

I think the idle timeout will still apply during a pause, but it’s plenty long enough to perform a tool change (20 minutes I think).

For the motors to stay on forever, you can use:

M84 S0