What firmware is flashed with SKR from V1 shop is it dual stop?

Does anyone knows the firmware that was pre-flashed with the SKR being sold on V1 engineering website, is it a dual stops or not. Thanks.

The SKR Pro supports the MPCNC Primo, the LowRider 2 (And 3, same firmware) and the MP3DP Repeat. All require differences in firmware, so it will come with what you ask. Flashing the firmware is dead simple. Download the .bin file, put it on an SD card renamed to “firmware.bin” plug it in and power the board on.

At present, I think all of the V1 firmware builds for the CNC are dual endstop, but there is a difference between the LowRider and Primo builds, so in the order noted, just let Ryan know which machine you intend to use it for.

Thank you for the fast/quick response. I was reading the instructions on the build/firmware section and it says that if one purchase SKR board from the site, then there is nothing to do. But then, I readd again that there are different firmwares for dual stop and non-dual stop builds so I got confused.

The series firmware is on the way to being deprecated (Might already be so as of V513). Series wiring is still valid, and it works, but V1 no longer has any boards that do not have at least 5 motor drivers, and maintaining/testing fewer different firmware branches is easier.

You can use series wiring on dual endstop firmware, but not the other way around, so might as well just have the dual endstop firmware and call it a day.

You can tell with the version number.

513S: serial CNC
513D: Dual MPCNC. I think this is what gets flashed on all of them from the shop unless you request otherwise.
513DL: Dual LowRider

If it doesn’t show on the screen, then you can send M115 to get the version info.

It is very easy to flash the skr pro, if you need to. The touch screen has its own firmware. It is easy to flash as well, but you shouldn’t need to change that.