What dust shoe is everyone using?

I was wanting to find one that works with original DW660 mounts. My favorite one wasn’t designed for the MPCNC, but I read where a guy rigged it to fit. Also are the dust collector buckets worth the time to make or should I just run it directly through the shop vac?

I do not use a dust shoe myself, and would also be interested in hearing what others are using that may work wit the existing DW660 mount.

As for the collection bucket, I have to say that they can work nicely. There are many different designs, but the essential principal is cyclonic separation based on the mass of the particles. The heavier fall down into the bucket and the finer particles make their way to the shop vac. If your cuts make a lot of chips and little fine powder, it will likely work well. If you generate tons of fine powder, you will find the filter on your shop vac clogs nearly as frequently as without the collector and you will be emptying two vessels and cleaning the filter. Kinda defeats the purpose. I use one on a big shop vac that works very well. I have another that I use with a very smaller portable shop vac and it works pretty good (I think the lower CFM leads to poorer performance of the separator), but the win is that I have 8x collection capacity than the vac alone and only need to clean the filter about once or twice per collection cycle. Your results may vary, of course.

Thanks for the info. What kind of dust collector bucket are you using with the big shop vac?

Sounds like he’s referring to a Dust Deputy, or similar.

How do you support the hose in a way that doesn’t handicap your MPCNC as it moves around? Do you suspend it from some kind of hanger?

I notice one of the Low Rider’s in the gallery did it rather elegantly.

Seems like maybe there should be files for some kind of 3D printed shoe that, once proven, we could all share collectively.

Well, goodness me, looks like there are already quite a few available:

The printed ones aren’t the best, they’re not big enough. A real dust deputy doesn’t cost that much.

Correct. As for management of the hose, I have a hanger that comes down from a roof mounted rack that happens to be above the MPCNC. Through this I route the hose along with the wires from the Z axis. There is enough slack so that there is no tension at any of the extremes of the X/Y movement. It was the best way for my application and has proved great, as I have never had an issue after many, many hours of use.

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Cool. Would you be willing to post a photo of that? Sounds like you found a good solution.

Im using Nicks design…the shoe is magnetic and it’s easy to remove the hose from the head if I want to revert back. It also closely mimicked the official dewalt mount (https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2797108)

Below is what it looks like as I built it. I supported it along the way of my z wiring with zip ties. I should probably also add support directly centered above as well. I’m super happy with being able to carve and have it clean by the time it’s done, however I miss watching the bit do it’s work, so sometimes Inrun it without the shoe


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