What do you think?

Here is my crown. How accurate does it look?

Any advice to improve it?

Also anyone know how to save my stepper moter changes in the LCD? I lose the changes when I unplug it.

[attachment file=81794]

The crown test looks good. No need to improve it. The lines that don’t line up are caused by flexibility in the pen mount that causes the pen to shift position a little. A router bit won’t suffer from that so you can ignore it. (Unless you intend to use it as a plotter.)

i think you are referring to the EEPROM settings? Aka you are setting something like the steps per mm and you want to save those settings. If so then the command is M500 if you are connected to a computer or something. Or you can do it from the LCD. I don’t remember exactly where but the command was labeled something like save configuration settings or save settings.

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