What best

What i best 3d printer. I want buy one.


Now that’s a controversial question!! There are lots of variables:

What are your expectations for setup and ease of use; do you like to solve problems and improve the printer or just use it?
What is your price range?
How big are the prints you want to make?

There are so many factors and personal experiences that almost everyone will have a different “Best”.

Having said that, Here are my current thoughts.

I don’t mind figuring out the problems when something doesn’t work. I think many, if not most, of the community are hobbyists that like to tinker as well as make things. I’ve been 3D printing for 7 years and most recently have done most of my printing on Creality Ender 3 versions. That’s what I used to make my LowRider 3. It’s a pretty good printer with a LOT of active users.

I’ve been wanting to start using Klipper and was going to do all that from scratch with a E3 and a Raspberry Pi, but after seeing a lot of good reviews on the Elegoo Neptune 4 Pro I decided to let someone else get the setup working. It comes with Klipper installed. Mine will be here next week.

So that is my input for you.


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I agree with Mike.

Being a tinkerer myself, I made a first gen Ender 3 into what is now the Ender 3 pro V2. Not for the faint of heart.

The Biqu Hurakan looks to be a fairly good 3d printer running Klipper as well. Looked at it quite a bit here at the local Microcenter.


Prusa either Mini or MK4. Covers the whole user spectrum - new beginner to pro tinkerer.


I also started with a Mini. The newest iterations are really solid and do great prints without having to tinker.