What are you using the RPi' s for

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Now i am going to say sorry in advance for this question as i think i know the answer, but i am going to ask it anyways, cos this forum is so full of good stuff somethines hard to find the gems.

I see there are several electronic boxes in the forums to hold a RPI as well as the control board. I understand the RPi can have octopi put on it, but what else is loaded onnit or what is it used for?

I have only used Octopi in terms of a 3d printer, and i see that @vicious1 in one picture has a tablet with what looks like prontoface on it, i would love to know how he is doing that.

So i guess you could use the RPI as gcode streamer direct to the skr pro. Is this sorta a replacement for a pendant? To make loading jobs easier ?


V1Pi is mentioned frequently.


https://www.v1e.com/collections/parts/products/esp-01s-esp3d-espui-headless When You have an SKR Pro you can use that to run esp3d.

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Thanks, i will read that. It all comes doen to the right searxh terms!

Thanks Ryan,

I will definitely be reading that.

I run octoprint on the 3d printers and cnc.js on the cnc machines.