What a awesome day! need your help everyone!

so today had a epic interview with the man himself. but I need photos and video footage if you have anything you would like to donate to my next video on youtube please send it to me at gam3t3ch@gmail.com

if interested check out my channel https://www.youtube.com/gam3t3chelectronics

I dont want to just display my photos and videos thought it would be great to add a little bit from everyone so here is the things videos max 30 sec and photos whatever you got.

would love to have this up in the next week or two if not sooner if everyone pitches in will help out a ton!

also send links your youtube channel and or social media site or website and ill make sure it gets added in as well.

What’s this all about ??

I have interview I did yesterday with Ryan. Thought it would be cool to have everyone put in something for the video I will put up on youtube. If not I know I got tons of footage but would be nice to have some of the community members toss in a photo or two atleast of their builds or things they have done with it.