Well, I'm confused

I bought a file from Etsy and was cutting it, screen pic below:


You can see it has an outer perimeter line equally spaced from the inner details. When I cut it the outer perimeter line had shifted downward to where it was just about on top of the one below it and I’d done nothing I know of to make that happen. ???

I will note the machine has low time on it, it ran for an hour or so and the belts seem slacker than I remember. Normal break in time?

Check that grub screws in pulleys haven’t come loose.

A lousy night’s sleep and I won’t get to it for a bit, that’s on the list but, I’ll be unhappy with Loctite if they’re loose. Everything else seems fine other than that one outline being shifted in the negative Y direction and of course that was the final cut… I also noticed that several times travel between different cuts was randomly slower than between other cuts. I can’t seem to find anywhere to set that transit speed?

Well, I confirmed the grub screws were all tight and bearing on the flats of the stepper shafts. I’m going to change the order of cuts, do the outside perimeter first and then a few top/bottom cuts just to see what happens. I have to search the garage, I think I have a large enough piece of foam so I can crank up the speed a bit.