Welded tubes?

I’m looking at getting my LR2 tubing from Zoro Select (https://www.zoro.com/zoro-select-tubing-welded-1-in-6-ft-304-ss-3adh3/i/G0342867/) as it’s about $50 cheaper than my next best option I can find (local prices are outrageous). But, I do notice they are welded rather than seamless. Will this present any problems? If there is a visible weld on the outside of the tubing, it could be turned so it would not be in the path of a roller bearing, correct? What about any roundness issues from this tubing?

Also, am I just overlooking the search function for the forum? I tried searching to see if this had already been discussed but couldn’t find a search option and digging through forum posts wasn’t working out.

Welded is fine.

Search is on the main forum page, magnifying glass. I will see if I can add it to every page as this has come up a few days ago as well.

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