Welcome, New Users!

With the official Kobalt announcement and (first?) V1E giveaway, there’s been a huge influx of new users.

On behalf of everyone here, I’d like to say: “What in God’s name are you doi…”

Sorry, Bit of a mixup there. Meant to say, welcome to the V1E forums! Please don’t be afraid to ask any questions you may have about any of the V1E designs (or frankly, any topic, we have a long-running thread on smoked meats), or CNC in general. We have a diverse and eclectic group of people who tend to frequent the forums who, due to a variety of chemical imbalances reasons, will often dive into whatever problems you might have and run them down for a solution.

We don’t bite (really, any snark or insult you read is 99% of the time a result of a long-time relationship, or a well-established character trait), and we don’t really tolerate real meanness. There is no such thing as a stupid question (although I’ve been know to give stupid answers), even if they are FAQs. We even explain long-running in-jokes without rancor or elitism.

This is a family-friendly space, so we try to keep things as PG to PG-13 as we can, so folks can learn about CNC/CAM/CAD with their kids without having to censor/buffer everything. We’re also global, and facile with Google translate, so don’t be shy if English isn’t your first language. We won’t hold that against you; we’re more interested in what you’re saying than how you’re saying it.

So, read the docs, peruse the forums, and check your grub screws!


Ask anything and someone will answer with something related or not to the question :blush:


You’re not supposed to tell them… You let them find out on their own. After they ask about lopsided circles, and realize a week later that we’re talking about scale modelling WWI dioramas. (Don’t worry folks, I have yet to see WWI dioramas come up as a topic, yet.)


I have been reported before for saying a mean word with “f…”… :expressionless: So don’t let your kids too close to my threads!! Or, too close to the sharp metal bit that is revolving 24 000 times per minute… Or a laser. Actually, this should not be family friendly here… There, I said it… :smiley:


Like I said, we try… And I never said without ANY supervision. Sheesh. Heck, there are some full-on adults I probably wouldn’t allow alone with a functional router or laser. Ultimately, the whole raison d’etre for this community is the construction and operation of semi-autonomous murder robots, so… :roll_eyes:


I did not Realize it was a real thing till i Googled it wow a lot there.

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To be honest, I didn’t know for sure, but it doesn’t surprise me in the least. Scale modelers are some of the most rabid hobbyists out there, and while WWII may get more press, I know the Napoleonics get a lot of traction, and I figure The Great War had its fans…

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And here was I thinking it was so I could understand what you were saying.

Seriously, that was a really nice summation of this place and you’ve neatly skirted around the fact that the boss fella is called @vicious1 for a reason! Mwahahahahah. :shushing_face: :rofl: :rofl:



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This so wonderfully wraps up how I tried to describe our forums for the OHM podcast…I mean just perfectly.

I said something along the lines of “try out the forums, first post you will be treated like you have always been there, and you will get some snark in the best way possible that makes you feel welcome and no one will ever say, did you even search?”

OMG, you are all the best ever.


I disagree:

From: lunarbaboon - Comics - Tools


I can 100% agree. My dad gave me a handsaw when I was 5. Was it the absolute smartest thing? No, did he watch me and guide me, yes. Did it suck me into a expensive life long hobby/lifestyle… *looks back and forth for wife, doesn’t see her… yes it did


Ain’t that the truth!

:grinning: sarcasm is the flattery really, and we all really enjoy the banter- although sometimes we just like to talk(brag) about what we have accomplished, especially because…(a) we probably thought it was a good idea, when it wasn’t, and (b) we managed to pull it off, and make it work, and look nice anyway.

We are really all invested inventors(read mad scientists) anyway, so go us and what we achieve individually, and as a group.

As for our esteemed leader Ryan, we thank you for your brilliant mind and you team also. We wouldn’t have so much fun, (and anguish as well) and learn so much if not for you all.
I am constantly amazed at the number of people getting on your bandwagon and enjoying themselves so much, young and middle aged(semi- retired), as some of us are learning, and some bring load of experience.

Thank you all, now and for everything in the future.


We are the originators of topics. :ok_hand::yum: